Why Kudzu?

Why Kudzu?
  • Experience.
  • Engaging Classes using the latest learning methods.
  • Proven record of our students performing well in REAL emergencies and saving lives.
  • No boring videos, instead LOTS of hands -on interaction.
  • We bring Entertainment into Education..or..Edutainment!
  • Of course, we cannot forget the thousands of satisfied customers!

1: Engagement leads to Retention

We go way above and beyond to make sure everyone  is engaged, AWAKE and interested!    We’ve done our homework and we’ve got the experience to confidently say that when an individual is engaged, she is far more likely to retain a behavior.   We strive for high engagement and thereby high retention, which are keys to successful learning.

2: Custom presentations result in fun, engaging training

We’ve been doing this for awhile….so we know that if you or your staff has gone through CPR training (especially those old CPR training videos!) a bunch of times, it can start to look like “more of the same.  At Kudzu, we customize our presentations based on the training curriculum, and based on the needs of your group.  Choose Kudzu for your training needs, and rest assured we know just how to approach your group while still having fun.

3: Make learning easy, convenient and effective

Digital is everywhere!  Online training is no different, and at Kudzu we fully embrace this huge advancement in the training field. We are always looking for ways to offer better classes that are more convenient for our students!  Things like our Blended E-learning classes make it easy for you to learn on your schedule, from your home, from your office…wherever! You set your learning schedule.  Blended E-learning online training is the perfect combination of digital and hands on.  You start online, and once you’ve completed that portion you schedule a short hands on session to complete your training.  That’s it!

4: Passion then Performance

We don’t do this to get rich.  Trust us! We love teaching, we love meeting new people, and we love our jobs as Kudzu employees.  The training skills we teach are invaluable for individuals and organizations alike, and our training methods have proven results…but more than anything, our passion for teaching and training truly separates Kudzu.


Like what you see so far?  We welcome the opportunity to work with you and value you as a potential customer.   By all means give us a call at 804-520-5777 or contact us online!